• 29 September, 2015Hush

    The weather man's predicting a summer like weekend here in Vic.
    Similar to the light, easy and eternally sunny Pilbara...

  • 31 August, 2015Red Johanna

    A cool offering for the last day of winter...
    "Red Johanna"

  • 20 August, 2015I don’t do commissions, most of the time that is

    It’s not that I don’t enjoy the occasional challenge of interpreting a client’s vision, but unfortunately the requests that we receive from our gallery visitors more often tend to be a little vague and unrealistic. Can he photograph “My house”, “Something from (insert town or place)”, “Like that, but different?” Ok so it’s not really all that bad, but a brief doesn’t have be so… I’m not much of a mind reader, just ask my wife!

    So why ask me to consider such a request? Because sometimes I’m surprised and motivated to accept a commission for reasons other than the obvious. One such moment sprung from a conversation in our gallery a few weeks ago. A wonderful lady shared her joy at finding just the right gift for her husband’s upcoming 60th birthday, “Princess Pier”. As it turns out, he is in the construction business and was involved in the redevelopment of the site amongst other major Melbourne projects. When I received the call, asking if I’d consider shooting a couple of other structures to complement the original purchase I jumped at it… after all, it’s for the gentleman’s birthday!

    “Princess Pier” was captured on a stormy morning, so the main consideration was to keep the conditions reasonably similar (not hard in a Melbourne winter, admittedly) and ensure that the composition was suited to presenting in the same square format.

    In the end… “Jim Stynes” and “Seafarers” bridges. Subjects that would not normally move me, however I do know that they mean a great deal to those involved in their construction and this made the project far more satisfying than I would have expected.

    I’m glad I said yes!

    Oh and happy birthday Sir.

  • 6 July, 2015Chasing the light...

    A couple of weeks ago an increase in solar activity had Aurora Chasers a buzz. I had previously been unaware of the possibility of witnessing the phenomenon from the Oz mainland, but having heard about it this time thought I'd have a look.

    Night one was spent wishing away the cloud (that appeared to cover the Otway Ranges and me only). Seeing nothing between the cloud breaks after four hours I packed it in, only to discover that just before dawn the Aurora had been revealed in all it's glory! Ok, the forecast suggested a final opportunity the following night the skies were clear and lets go again.
    Peaking at kp8 (Aurora forecast jargon, see link below) the chance of a spectacle was high, unfortunately not as high as the full moon. Great at illuminating the foreground at night, it seemed equally successful at diminishing the light show and by the time it had set the event had passed. This image shows the weak glow on the horizon... better luck next time.
    For those weather and storm junkies, here's something else to keep you up at night...

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