• 18 March, 2017Favorite Places…

    We all have them, but what makes them so?

    One of mine is “Castles”

    Castle Cove in Victoria’s Southwest… Leaving the Otway ranges behind it’s the westbound Great Ocean Road travelers’ introduction to Southern Ocean.

    Known for the rugged cliff top vista, wildflowers, Blackboys (do we still call them that? No? Grass trees, perhaps) and millions of years of history being revealed in the dinosaur fossils stamped into the cliff walls, a must stop on one of the worlds great vehicular journeys. But, there is something else about the place that puts the jam in my donut and it’s not so easy to define.

    For me there has always been something “other worldly” about the relatively short stretch of coast between Cape Otway and Princetown, but felt more so here at Castles than anywhere else. The imposing cliff face, heavy sand, awesome (and often intimidating) surf all combined are impressive but there is something more.

    I recall, almost 40 years ago as a young teenager, making the drive for the first time through the Otways along the rough and dusty dirt road (The Great Ocean Road wasn’t always that great, at least as far as the surface was concerned) and what struck me then and still holds now is the sense of isolation. These days the cliff top is regularly peppered with enthusiastic “thumbs-up” and “peace-sign” waving "selfie" obsessed visitors capturing that all important portrait during their five minute stop on the way to the Twelve Apostles, however a short walk down to the beach sees almost all left behind and a sense of solitude is restored.

    There is a definable difference between the attractive, yet populated coast East of the Cape and the rolling green dairy country that is revealed to the West, but less quantifiable is the contrast between the coastline South of the “Surf Coast” and that of the Southern Ocean. Clearly there is a geographical isolation from the nearest coastal metropolis but it’s more than that. The impressive landscape, powerful ocean, relentless prevailing winds and a mysterious “something else” all conspire to create a wonderful loneliness here at Castles and I love it.

    I guess the best way to describe it is to borrow a wonderful quote from the Australian film classic “The Castle” (a happy coincidence)… “It’s the vibe of it!”

  • 26 January, 2017Australia Day!

    Enjoy our day everyone

  • 17 November, 2016Old Sid...

    This casual little guy has become quite a regular obstacle on a road near home. Many an early morning or late afternoon has seen him sitting on or near to the white lines looking like a victim in the making. As it turns out he is easy to avoid, as he doesn't flinch... just aim to miss him and he won't move, couldn't be bothered it seems. I pulled over two nights ago to see if he was as approachable on foot and sure enough he walked over to me only to lose interest within seconds before moving on.
    I remembered this time to ask my wife if she had encountered this little fella, her reply... "You mean Sid?" She'd seen him so often that she had already named him!
    I give you... Sid

  • 9 November, 2016Time Away...

    I've had the opportunity to travel a little of late. A recent release, with many more to come... "Grace"

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